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    Unbroken: Path to Redemption (2018)
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Year Of the Dog (2007) ($2) $2.00

Actors: Molly Shannon, Laura Dern, Regina King, Thomas McCarthy, Josh Pais

Directors: Mike White

Molly Shannon gives a strange and strangely touching performance in Year of the Dog. A quiet secretary named Peggy (Shannon, Superstar, Good Boy!) goes into a tailspin when her beloved dog Pencil dies, leading her to flirt with dating, veganism, animal rights activism, and violence. But though the plot may sound shapeless, the movie is sharp and focused, cutting to the bone of every character's obsessions and neuroses. Yet, though extremely funny, Year of the Dog isn't strictly satirical--writer/director Mike White (writer of The Good Girl and Chuck & Buck) doesn't pass judgment on his characters, no matter how irrational or appalling their behavior may be. The movie has a cool empathy, a wistful yet unsparing glance at human weakness. The entire cast--which includes Laura Dern (We Don't Live Here Anymore), John C. Reilly (Boogie Nights), Regina King (Ray), and Peter Sarsgaard (Boys Don't Cry)--walk a fine line between painfully real and comically absurd. Fans of distinctive directors like Don Roos (The Opposite of Sex, Happy Endings) and Todd Solondz (Happiness, Storytelling) will enjoy Year of the Dog.

  • Year Of the Dog (2007) ($2) 1
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